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Fastest way to level Archwings



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some options that are sortof Public friendly/low effort to perform:

  • Archwing Mobile Defense (Neptune)
    • Players should be staying near the Objective and ideally taking advantage of Punch-Through, to Kill Enemies the most quickly, and ergo for the most XP.
  • Tier 3 Railjack
    • basically sitting in Archwing the entire Mission while other Players Kill stuff. 
    • sitting in the Slingshot is considered as having your Archwing deployed IIRC but i don't remember for certain.
    • maybe don't actually do this in Public, sitting there basically AFK is kinda rude

with one other option of going to Grineer Sealab and sitting in your Archwing AFK while others Kill Enemies for you. 100% full on not Public friendly, and is even kinda terrible unless the other Players are highly skilled at Killing Enemies efficiently, anyways.

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Salacia if solo, if you have a good group who are willing to let you be passive, you could do high level rj, either flying outside or just sitting up in the slingshot as you have your arch gear equipped when you enter the tube.

Archguns I tend to slap a gravimag on, get my Wisp that's had Protea's Dispensary skill added on and hit up a Steel Path survival infested node

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If you got a mate with Veil ready Railjack you can jump into the Slingshot while he kills the frigates, massive exp spike and good way to level the archwing melee weapons as well without using them. After jump into front cannon and clear cruise ships 3-5 min a mission and fast. You get about 100k credits from it and quite a few ressources helminth can use and tons of exp on frames as well if you want to double down.

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If you have a mate to help, i've heard an exterminate mission where you can use archwing is the fastest. You jump in the water in archwing and your mate kills everything around you to give you exp. 

If you're friendless like me, I find/form a group to run Neptune, Salacia mission, simple way to level your archwings and weapons up with randoms.  I feel your pain i waited until I got affinity booster as daily log in reward before even bothering to level these up. 

Also RailJack was a great way to get free exp but its kinda dead now. 

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