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Index Host Migration


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Just did one round of the Index, two people including the host left, but our 4th had a bunch of saved up points so i figured one more round. After host migration i was stuck on this screen. 



No access to menu, chat, anything, eventually a broker found me and killed me. 



And still nothing, no way to get out other than force closing warframe.

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I have had a similar bug.


In my case after host migration, no enemies were present on the map. I tried cashing in the points I had, then tried to jump out of the map to suicide. At which point my respawn time went into larger and larger negatives. Once the time ran out, final score announced, then nothing more happened, and I had to abort the mission.

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I think I just had this happen as well. We did 2 rounds, 3 of us wanted to continue, 1 wanted to leave. As the countdown reached 1 the other two decided to leave as well. I tried switching, but got the dreaded Host Migration, followed by this screen (stuck on it for a few minutes now, music is playing, no announcer or points being scored):



Edit to add: UI is completely unresponsive. Can't open the menu, looks like I'll have to Alt+F4 out.

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