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PSA: Changes to Banshee Prime Systems Rarity and Ducat Price


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Greetings Tenno!

I hope you are all excited about the upcoming Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime unvaulting

Before you embark on your sound and light fueled destruction, we wanted to inform you about upcoming changes with the drop rarity of the Banshee Prime Systems part, and its Ducat selling price.

On December 15th, the Banshee Prime System Blueprint rarity will decrease from Rare to Uncommon. As a result, the Ducat selling price will also decrease from 100 to 65 to account for the rarity change.

Our goal here is to provide you with as much warning as possible, as we’ve done in the past, so that you can better plan your next batch of Prime part selling with the upcoming changes.

Thanks Tenno!

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