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Orb Vallis "Retrieve the Data" bounty Bug


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So I don't know if there's a similar topic like this, but I'll still report this. 


Access panel for hacking the data itself in Orb Vallis cannot be interacted when starting the same mission without going back to Fortuna itself

I'm just doing mission farming in fortuna and did a level 10-30 mission, with its last part as "Retrieving the Data" bounty. the Mission go well so its okay. Then, without going back to Fortuna, I did another level 10-30 mission, with "Retrieving the Data" bounty as part of it again. The area where I need to do that mission is the same (Central Maintenance). But this time, I cannot interact with the Access panel anymore. It just tells a marker on the map. I did go to that location, It points to an access panel, but when I got near it, I can't interact with it. Will you please add a fix where the same Access panel can be interacted no matter how many times a player does that mision? Thanks


Just in case you want to see what's happening, here.

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