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Nami Skyla Prime thoughts.


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So i look at the Nami Skyla Prime and I kind of wish I could use the blades separately. One handed dagger and one handed machete (Nami solo uses machete stance)

Why not make it work like the dark split-sword but with 3 stances.

Dual-Sword Stance it's the same as is. Dagger Stance you just use the Skyla in your main hand and Machete Stance you use the Nami in your main hand.

I thought the Dark-split sword idea was cool but it seems it's not used much. Sorry for this being short but I feel like I got my opinion across.

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On 2020-12-09 at 4:53 AM, (XBOX)Abherration said:

Nami solo is already ingame, and the Skylla is the Karyst(sort of). A new weapon , like dark split as you mentioned would be needed, Nami Skyplitt maybe.


Edit:remembering the wiggly dagger Karysts name.



I know we have the Karyst (I wish the primes could use the non prime looks) But I like the way the skyla looks and the nami. I'd like to be able to use them seperate.

Also i know about the nami as is but there is no prime version. This is why i feel like the nami skyla prime could have this mechanic of stances change what you wield with the prime one.

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