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UI not updating when it should leading to elements randomly disappearing (extractor, buff icons, allies' status, infiltration tower)


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I don't have a screenshot for extractors, sorry : just playing this mission type, every single time after a few extractors their status (health, power and time left) doesn't appear for clients. If one extractor blows up it seems to update the UI and make every other extractor appear, but that only fixes the extractor currently on, the next ones to spawn won't appear and so on.

For the rest :

- Buff icons suddenly failing to appear (in this screenshot I'm standing in the area of 6 mots, another Wisp's three plus my three, the buffs do get applied as my health amount is increased, but the icons themselves aren't there) :


- After host migration in ESO, allies' status isn't shown (you can see two other players but looking on the right of the screen, you only see my life, buffs and so on, you can see the minimap being disrupted but the bug kept on going for the rest of the run even after leaving this zone) :


- Infiltration towers' UI just failing in general (you can see on the minimap that there are 4 towers, but the icons show only two, also B is held by us but the icon never turned blue, it seemed to have failed to add both C and D when I spawned leading to it getting stuck for the entirety of the mission, bug didn't fix itself even though we did two waves) :



All of these seem to be the same bug to me hence why I'm making a single post. The extractor bug happens every single time I play this mission type and always affects all three clients, only the hosts seem to be fine, the other two only happen once to me.

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