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A bug where you can't do anything but move around (and use some equipment).


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For the past years this bug been reoccurring again and again and its only infuriating when it happens.

I haven't be able to recreate it , just randomly happens when it feels like. It happens both in missions and in open world areas where the later is where i encounter it the most

usually when doing eidolons is the most common spot so I'm guessing it has something to do with the operator form switch.


To my knowledge there is a couple ways to fix this on your own :

~First is to just die and re-spawn but that's not very reliable when you are playing warframes that wont die or the area level is too low.

~Mounting / dismounting a k-drive seems to be the most reliable way but only viable when in open world areas.

~Falling into a pit or water but that doesn't always work.


I have included a scuffed video of me getting this bug in an arbitration mission where i have to sit around being useless because of it ...

was playing with wukong here so i would have to die 4 times to finally be able to play again which is pretty hard and time consuming

and if wukong's celestial clone was out it would be straight up impossible , there isn't much to show but trust me i was clicking like crazy for a shot.

I understand that bugs are hard to fix so if you can't fix this just give us a command that kills and re-spawns the player as a band aid fix pretty please because i' m really tired of this.

Video is scuffed because i didn't have time to mess around with OBS but there isn't much to show anyway.

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