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Reasons To Support Corpus Vs Grineer


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First off, the part that doesn't directly affect us: the lore.


Neither side is close to being considered "good". It's more of a lesser-of-the-two-evils kind of thing. So these are the cons to supporting one side or another. (Since the "pros" would be kind of redundant, as they're pretty much exclusively the opposite of the cons)


Supporting the Corpus:

The Corpus get the opportunity to experiment on that cache of sleeping Tenno cryopods, get to develop that secret program of AladV's


Supporting the Grineer:

Helping them invade Mars, and to crush and/or enslave millions of people in the colonies.

Expand grineer presence in the system.


Result: Corpus wins

It seems pretty arrogant to think that the fate of a handful of Tenno outweights the fates of millions of innocents.

Also, if you've heard some of Lotus' mologues in Assassination missions, it's evident that the Tenno are trying to gain favor with some kind of "Council" Taking care of high-ranking Grineer that are threating systems would please them. It would be harmful to our cause to side with the Grineer, and send the message that we're happy to let everyone else burn while we only look out for own self-interests.

Also, The last we need in this system is more and stronger Grineer. Better to clean the Grineer out of the system and end up a possible Corpus mindslave than to let a single Grineer survive.


As a final note, It's a pretty safe bet that EITHER faction will inevitably betray us sooner or later. AladV would likely gladly sacrifice us if he can profit from it, while Ruk's goal remains to exterminate all non-Grineer life in the system.



And now for the things that have a tangible effect:


Battle Pay:

The rewards have been generally tipped toward the Grineer favor so far, but things could be better-balanced in the future.


Result: Subjective

If you're a cold-hearted Merc, then go for whoever pays what you want.




If you side with the Grineer, you mow through the pushover Corpus crewmans and their robotic proxies.


If you side with the Corpus, the Grineer really live up to their legacy as defects. A dozen broken heavy grineer per room, (Napams should have been fixed months ago) plus the downright bugged-out-invincible rollers that sabotage your runs.



If you're lazy, a wimp, or just unfortunate enough to not have good Grineer-slicing weapons, then side with the Grineer.

If you're willing to work hard to stay on the high road, go Corpus



Tier 2 rewards:

Grineer: Machete Wraith


Corpus: Prova Vandal


Result: Corpus wins this one

Both the base Prova and Machete were pretty lackluster, but...

Prova > Machete

Vandal skin > Wraith skin

so Prova Vandal > Machete Wraith


And Finally:


Tier 3 reward


Grineer: Brakk Hand-Cannon


Corpus: Detron Hand-Cannon


Result: At the time of this writing, Corpus wins hands-down

So far, all we really know about these rewards is their names, that they're described as "Hand Cannons", and what they look like.

Any claims so far on how they perform (I heard one claim that the Brakk was hitscan and the Detron was projectile) are empty speculation at this point.

That leaves how they look.

The Detron may be a box with a handle and a Vasto-style cylinder, but the Brakk looks like a turd. (I don't blame the artists. It's more a function of the ugly grineer aesthetic) Also, Brakk sounds like an onomatopoiea for a fart, which is kind of appropriate.

Sleek Corpus tech vs Fugly Grineer blob. No Contest.

Also, we only get one of these from the reward. So anyone supporting the Grineer is trolling everyone out of getting the better Corpus rewards.




Being based mostly on evidence and reason, such as we have available, and a bit of an aesthetic preference my decision for the pistols is subject to change when more DEFINITIVE FROM DE evidence on the specs of the pistols comes in.

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