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Code name : cleaning time ||| orb vallis stuff (adit:added capitain ideas)


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This is an idea that came to me when I was farming on orbvallis, getting bored like never before because I couldn't find the mineral I needed.

Code name : Cleaning time

By combining data from the zanuka project, amalgms, and other data obtained from unknown sources, the corpus have managed to develop a new generation of soldiers, endowed with stamina, agility and skills that (at least from what appears from the data that have been stolen ) should be able to face the warframer threat once and for all.

The event would begin with Lotus asking us to do 2 missions to retrieve encrypted data, which are kept under control too much, so we must act without EVER triggering the alarms, or the enemy will move the data elsewhere.

At the end of the two data recovery missions, we should recover a codex to be able to decrypt them. It will be kept on Orbvallis, in a vault guarded by the best units, which will be helped by countless cameras and laser systems (nothing that ivara cannot get around).

Once the codex has been recovered, we should exit the structure, possibly without being detected, but this will not be possible, having activated an unavoidable and imperceptible security protocol (at least at the beginning).

Once we leave the structure, we will be (or will be, if you went there on your own) taken by surprise by an organized attack (the codex inside it had detectors that activated the alarm if moved even by just half a millimeter).

The attack will be divided into 3 phases. Phase 1, we will be bombarded with emp attacks and surrounded by common corpus units, of a much higher level than those usually found in the area. Phase 2, if we have survived phase 1 (if we have not succeeded, everything must be repeated all over again), corpus vehicles belonging to the special operation called: cleaning time. will be deployed. If one manages to destroy all the vehicles, it will go to phase 3, in the alternative case, it will simply skip. Phase 3, if you pass Phase 2, Phase 3 will deploy 4 special soldiers, highly trained and upgraded with advanced corpus technology, which are the focus of the covert corpus operation x annihilating the tenno.

Your warframe will have no chance against the group of soldiers, as they specialize in group combat, and their weapons, characteristics and abilities are in perfect sync, leaving no hope for any enemy. So you will die 175%

From now on, the orb vallis will be watched by several platoons of these soldiers. They are unbeatable in groups, and always move in platoons of 4 soldiers. To defeat them, and prevent these soldiers from entering a "massive production", which would complicate the life of the tenno in an unimaginable way, there are 2 options. 1, destroy the factories of the components of which they are built, but those factories are in unknown places in the galaxy, and it would take too long to find them, plus they will be extremely protected.

Option number 2, is to decode the stolen data, in the hope of finding a design flaw that can be exploited, but this is almost impossible, since the codex was stolen from us when we were defeated, but still it is much simpler and feasible than the scour all the planets in search of blacksmiths that, probably, you can't even get close to.

Ordis was able to analyze the complex alarm system, and was able to develop a consumable capable of disabling the sensors placed on the codex. This time, the recovery mission is identical, except that advanced units were deployed to look at the codex, the same ones that killed us earlier, so it's best not to be seen. Once we arrive at the codex room, the consumable is used, the alarms are disabled, but the units are alerted, so there will be little time to get to a safe location before the facility is put into a lockdown, preventing us from exiting. If you fail to exit, it will be necessary (with caution without being discovered), to disable 4 generators that power a shield that covers the area, preventing us from going out, and at the same time (almost) it will be necessary to disable the alarm, in order to reach a safe place and, once reached the orbiter, decode the data.

The data has been decoded, and now we have a chance against corpus platoons. We will need to build a modification for our prazon, which will allow us to considerably damage and kill soldiers, at least in theory. To verify this, we go to the orb vallis, and lure a platoon away from the others. After we have taken 33% of a soldier's life, we can perform an execution to prevent him from regenerating, and by repeating this operation 3 times, for all the soldiers in a platoon (or 4) we will be able (if not kill us first) to kill them, but that's not all, the corpus has a little surprise.

Once we have killed a platoon, their captain (never met before) will hunt us down. It can appear in any mission, and every time it does not appear, the probability increases. In maps like orb vallis, there is a chance that it will appear every 5 minutes, and it always increases until it appears.

The captain can never be killed immediately, in fact it will take 5 encounters to take him out, and at each encounter, he will not only be more physically resistant, with more HP, shields and armor, but he will gain resistance to 2 types of damage, which we used in the previous fight, resulting more and more difficult to kill, representing a small challenge even for the most veteran players. After the 3rd encounter, the captain will acquire a skill, which will change based on the warframers we use the most (if a warframer deals a lot of damage with skills, such as mesa or saryn, it will have the ability to reduce, for a limited time, the damage we inflict with skills, while if we use warframers such as chroma, titania or others that take advantage of buffs to power up, it will have an ability that cancels our active skills, and prevents us from reactivating them for a couple of seconds, while in the case warframers with a lot of HP and / or armor, such as valkyr, atlas or inaros, it will be able to partially destroy our armor for a short period of time)

The rewards for defeating a captain will certainly not be low. A reward will include a decent amount of orb vallis resources, + resources from the map in which we defeated him, a special mod that varies from captain to captain, and a unique piece for a kitgun and / or zaw weapon (blueprints will be tradable )


A captain would appear when taking out a platoon of special soldiers. The captains will not be a serious threat in the first fights, but after the 3rd fight, they will acquire a special ability, capable of canceling our abilities, blocking positive effects, or other. After each fight, the captain will be able to acquire the 2-element resistance we used against him in the last fight, and all damage done by that element will be reduced by 50%. If in two fights we use an element equal to that of the previous fight, the captain will become invulnerable to the element. Each captain can be immune to up to 3 elements. Each captain will have a different set of skills from the other, as well as stats, attack style, weapons used, and for each captain, there will be specific planets or maps where he prefers to spawn, where the probability of spawning is doubled. However, each captain can spawn on any map, even on the plains of eidolon, orb vallis and deimos. In the last 3 maps mentioned, and in the survival missions / endless missions, the probability that a captain will spawn increases every 5 minutes spent on a mission (+ 1%, + 2% if the map is in the preferred territory).


There would be 4 captains in total.

Capitani n°1

Name (?)

Stats (lv1)

Hp : 12.500 (Machinery)

Shield : 5.500 (proton shield)

Armor : 1.250 (alloy armor)

A very heavy, well-armed captain, equipped with a short-range shotgun, and a shield that absorbs a lot of damage. He prefers to appear in fairly cramped maps, as he does not have high mobility, and his shotgun is very effective from close range, plus, he can make better use of his shield, as the enemy has no way of getting around him.

50%less possibility to spawn in plains of eidolon, orb vallis and cambion drift (deimos).

Shield hp (lv1) : 25000 (cannot regenerate, invulnerable to critical hits, impenetrable)

Capitan n°2

Name : (?)

Stats (lv1)

Hp : 5.500

Shield : 7.500

Armor : 750

Medium armored captain who uses a fully automatic rifle to attack from medium range, but if the situation calls for it, he uses his hunting pistol which will attack with lethal accuracy from a range of up to 100 meters. This captain is very versatile and doesn't care where he has to go to kill whoever killed his platoon, and he prefers to fight face to face with his target.

+100% to spawn if alone in the mission.

Capitain n°3

Name : (?)

Stats (lv1)

Hp : 2.500

Shield : 4.500

Armor : 450

+100% probability to spawn in Plains of eidolon, orb vallis and cambion drift (deimos)

Capitain n°4

Name : Nemesis

Stats (lv 1)

Hp : 5.500

Shield : 5.500

Armor : 650

Increased chance of spawning when multiple people are on the team (+ 30% / team ally)

All stats increase by 30% after you defeat the captain once, and by 50% if the captain defeats you. Maximum level 15.

After the maximum level has been reached, the chance of the captain spawni no longer decreases after a match.

Later I will add the kitgun and zaw pieces that each captain can drop, along with the captains' abilities (by later I mean between a day and three weeks).



Tell me what you think of my idea, if you like I will develop it, putting details on the captains, mods and parts for kitgun and zaw.


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