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Djinn and vulpaphylas don't interact with invisibility and rifts correctly


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Normally a companion is supposed to copy whatever state a frame is in (Invisibile/visible, Rift/Normal)

If a vulpaphyla goes into its revive state or a Djinn revives, it does not go into invisibility/rift when a frame does.
In the case of invisibility this draws fire to the invisible frame counteracting the invisibily, and thus causing the frame to still be attacked.
For rifts this causes issues with an enemy being able to shoot the companion when otherwise they shouldn't be able to.

Works fine with the other sentinels and it works fine with the other companions,

works fine with Djinn and a vulphaphyla normally except for this circumstance (which happens fairly commonly).


Thank you CinderSail pointing out that it isn't just Ash that this happens to this is the case for any invisibility frame, as well as djinn causing issues too

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This is not just an issue for Ash but also for any stealth frame.

This is also a bit of an issue with Djinn when it revives via Reawaken. If you are already in stealth when it revives, it will not be stealthed along with you until the ability is canceled and recast. This is also a problem for Limbo in his rift as it will spawn outside of the rift.


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