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has anyone actually gotten unbanned from a 2035 ban for chat violation?



after three years and 3000+ hours  and hitting mr 30 to say i like warframe and its community is an understatement  so getting my account banned for a poorly worded attempt at dark humor on my part is the cherry ontop of the S#&$ sundae that has been the year of 2020 does anyone know what the chances are of getting my account unbanned does De give second chances???  

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Depends on the circumstances of your ban. If you posted a derogatory (read: racist, sexist, ethnicist, etc) slur, then you violated the zero tolerance policy and will most likely not be able to appeal the ban. 

If the punchline of 'dark humor' is derogatory in nature, best leave it at the door and not bring it into the game.

That said, for issues regarding in-game suspensions, you need to contact DE Support with a support ticket. We on the forums are not equipped to help players resolve in-game suspensions.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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