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Sortie: Defence


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The Operator AI is retarded. So I use Atlas to lock him in place with 3 barricades. Can't do it near ledges. He'll jump through the thick rock barricade up or down the ledge. No matter how high the ledge is.

Now though he does soemthing new. He jumps over the barricade. Doesn't matter if there is a ledge or not. Why would you do this? His Ai isborked and I find a way around it and instead of making the AI smarter, taking cover or hiding when having no gun, you keep people from locking him behind barricades to keep him safe.





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18 hours ago, trunks013 said:

Well is it really an operator or just a defense target you get me confused.

Well most Sorties use Operatives instead of Stationery Targets so I think that's the one he means...


In any case... One time I decided to Take Loki into one of these things and as luck would have... Someone was nice enough to bring Frost...


So every time that #$&(% bag teleports out of the Bubble IL just Teleport his ass back into it....

I did this twice and he fell through the Floor and Died in the Game's Void.


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