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Warframe-Walls! Different Desktop Backgrounds


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Hi there Spaceninjas^^

After a very long time I thought today: why not try scribbling Warframe-stuff again? So I did that!
Here it is ( feel free to use it as a desktop background)
Excalibur (1920x1080)
I hope some of you like it~

Maybe I am gonna do some other Warframes/NPCs.

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2 hours ago, (NSW)Glaive-012 said:

Almost a hybridization between graffiti and brush strokes, reminiscent of Japanese ink paintings depicting mythological figures. I especially appreciate the Frost image, reflecting the pronounced horns and the striking cyan markings. These are really amazing!

Thank you so much for your nice words! XctPENl.gif
And yes, that is pretty much the "style" I wanted to try out. Glad you like it 😄 (btw, "Japanese ink graffiti" sounds pretty awesome too, hehe)

I did another quick one.
Mirage Prime: (1920x1080)

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34 minutes ago, (PSN)SyAchief said:

Stop. STOP!!! no one should be this talented  😍🥰 keep going!!!!

Thank you (and all the other people here) for the kind words! I am very happy that people like my stuff.
Oh and I did not forget this little thread! I just have not the time to focus on artwork atm (quite the busy year so far 😅) , but I will hopefully make more stuff in the future :)

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It's weekend! So I finally trieeeed to do something with Octavia Prime!
Yayyyyyy...well, yea. I like her a lot (and she looks great in game), but I think that all the small details and whatnot might be a little bit toooo much for the "style" I am trying to do in this thread with those warframe-walls. (-> i am not super happy with the result)

Still: fancy Warframe, fancy colours, so there you go! 😅

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