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I have a new warframe idea, if you know metroid then you will know this idea


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This is my new idea, warframe (Aran) and when it uses its 3rd ability replace its hand with her arm cannon like hildryn. The gender is female

Stats: 200 health, 150 sheild 300 armor 300 armor, keep in mind that these stats are for rank 30 aran.

lvl 0 stats will be 150 health 50 shields 100 armor.

Passive: for every enemy attacking you or your phazon armor active gain 5% ability strength, this stacks up to 30% 

Ability 1 morph ball: 30 energy to cast. morph into a ball like grendel and move at high speeds, the damage the ball does scails with enemy lvl. Drains 10 energy per second

Ability 2 phazon armor: 50 energy to cast. like warding halo or iron skin aran uses her energy to form a skin protectant, this ability will scale with ability strength and its base duration is 20 seconds, you can increase the duration by 20 to 50 by adding a primed continuity, 100% power strength = 50% damage reduction, 150% power strength = 70% damage reduction, 200% power str = 90% damage reduction. 

Ability 3 arm cannon: shoots with the arm cannon will cost 30 energy but if you hit an enemy with the projectile you gain 20 energy. aran pulls out her arm cannon or like exalted weapon but in this case a exalted arm cannon and can choose from 3 beams. Cold, fire, or corrosive. The blast will be like hildryns blast and you can mod the cannon with mods as you wish. The base dmg will be 500 to each element crit chance will be 20% status chance will be 50% 500 ice 500 fire 500 corrosive, you can only fire one type of damage type because of selecting your dmg type with your ability 3. The arm cannon will use pistol mods.

Ability 4. Phazon slam: aran will slam her arm cannon into the ground causing a shockwave like embers fire blast and will cause armor strip for who enters the blast radius, the armor strip will depend on your power strength, 100% power strength = 50% armor strip 150% power strength = 70% armor strip 200% power strength = 100% armor strip. Keep in mind that all abilities except arm cannons damage will scale on enemy level. The reason why arm cannons damage dosent scale with enemy level is because you mod it separately like hyldrins balefire charger.







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This Warframe really is just a mishmash of other Warframes, without offering anything new. It really didn't help from you blatantly drawing comparisons to other Warframe's abilities that cause them to basically be simpler/inferior versions of those others.

Plus, this is a pretty barebones Warframe as well. Exalted Weapon? Check. Armor Reduction? Check. Damage Reduction? Check. With the only other slightly unique thing being... something that another Warframe has to almost the exact extent.

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