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[Suggestion] Future Event Content Based Around Infested


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Since the infested have been getting really little love lately and I've had some ideas running around in my head, I decided to sit down and write it out in hopes people like it and add something up of their own ideas to improve it.


Basically the idea goes like this. The technocyte virus has been viciously evolving the infested through out the many years to all kinds of dangerous creatures. It's only natural that some day, some being will evolve the means to actually hurt tenno and their warframes, disrupting their control and abilities over the frames. They would also become wiser and actually develop strategic moves how to lure the Tenno and get rid of them, assuming we're their biggest threat cause of the current immunity to the virus.


By some telepathic means the infested are releasing signals for the Tenno to pick up in call for help over an infestation spread on some colony ship (whichever race, or even some neutral beings). Once the Tenno respond to the distress signal the infested have been transmiting (note, the lotus is unaware of any of this as the signal is transmitted directly to the Tenno and also blocking what Tenno are doing so she has no idea), they board the colony ship and start searching for the infestation spread. For once, you board the ship normally through hangar doors, not through ventilation shafts cause you were called to help, not sneakily invade to steal something. As you run through a few infested hallways/rooms, a custom new scinematic goes into play, showing your current squad looking around for the core of the infestation spread. Things start moving around the ceilings/vents/pipes but the Tenno are unaware of it. All of the sudden a completely new brand of infested species swoop in at the tenno and cut them with their claws, that's right, cut through the shields and armor, creating a wound, as this new species is capable of completely neglecting the current warfame defenses. The Tenno then get dizzy and start stumbling into stuff, knocking objects over etc cause of the immediate effect of an advanced virus version spreading through them.


The new infested creature, capable of telepathic speach, taunts the Tenno, celebrating their victory and leaving them to die an agonizing death. Tenno, however, are not gonna just give up and immediately contact Lotus for help. Lotus then arrives to the ship (this is after we get the new mission type which includes having lotus with you so it would actually make sense for lotus to be in a mission or come after you), applies some immediate treatment to hold off the spread of the virus, though not permanent, and the only way to cure this new virus is to hunt down the new evolved infested species and extract samples from them so the lotus could create an anti-virus. You are, however, injured and infected, so you suffer pretty severe cuts in your abilities and further defenses, also slowly mutating your warframe and yourself into something devastating.


The goal, assuming this would be a fairly long lasting event, if it's an event at all, would be for all tenno to co-operate together into gathering massive amount of samples to conduct a cure. There would be a time limit and somewhere along half way if enough samples are met, lotus would be able to further create treatments to eliminate the death factors and restore some of the original frames strength. Also, you'd not be able to switch to other frames for as long as the event lasts and you remain infected because exiting out of the suit would cut all life support and result in imminent death. The frame would in time change, for example some pulsating tumor masses would start forming or just entirely messed up infested flash would start to form around, you can go wild on the idea of what this new virus could do. I've yet to figure out the worst case scenario if they can't gather enough samples to get the cure, what would the actual outcome be, cause once the virus completely takes over you do, in theory, lose all the human'ish sense you have and become one of the infested.


The new creature would only lurk around some new type of location, maybe an infested little planet or some different kind of ships. They would behave like a one or two stage mini-boss, nothing too tough but would prove a challenge with whatever the drawbacks your frame has from the virus infecting you. This would, in turn, unlock entirely new location of whatever is considered (rock/planet/ship) with a more pure infested tileset rather than grineer or corpus ships with tenticles on the ground. The creature would also start showing up on regular defense missions, like say fusion moa, would be weaker than during the actual event but still tougher than your regular ancient.


Rewards for beating the virus are as stated in the paragraph above, more new content and perhaps some new infested technology gathered from the new strands of dna of the new creature, INFESTED KOGAKE WITH CLAWS!


Anyway, I believe I've just dried out of ideas for this so if anyone bothered to read it all, feel free to contribute or just comment.

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