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Recruiting awesome Playstation gamers for our Warframe clan

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Welcome all to Path of Sundai Gauntlet. We're an awesome 5 year Warframe storm clan on the Playstation. We constantly improving and learning how to better members in and outside combat. We are mostly active in-game eastern time zone. If you're on another time zone we recommend you use our alliance to run missions or recruit friends to run missions if members not on your time zone are on to assist.

Our rules are: No spam|No plat scams|No suggestive behavior|No personal account information trade|14 day offline inactivity

Our values: Dedicated improvement of the clan, care for our members willing to improve the clan, learning how to elevate a Warframe and the tenno to higher battle capabilities 

What we offer in-game: Challenges once a week, events once or twice a month, and missions assistant daily.
What we offer outside gaming: Path of Sundai Forum and Playstation Clan Community

Note: Once you are invited to the clan you will also be invited to our forum page and the clan community
Members that join the forum will be able to post activities on our calendar.

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left out content essential for recruiting new memebrs
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