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Arcane Pistoleer changes


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Pistoleer was bugged to trigger on any kill with a secondary not just a headshot. This was for the better as it allows many more types of secondaries to use Pistoleer to its fullest ,and since it was fixed id love to see the arcane changed in 1 or 2 ways to help it stay a QoL arcane.  

First idea at rank 5 : 40% chance for 102% ammo efficiency on any pistol kill for 15 seconds. (Cant be refreshed) 

This change is just what the bug did but slighty reduced chance of happening. 

Second idea at rank 5 : 25% chance for 102% ammo efficiency on any pistol kill for 10 seconds. ( can be refreshed)

This is a mix of the first idea and how pistoleer was before it was changed.

Third idea at rank 5 : 80% chance for 102% ammo efficiency on pistol headshot kill. 

This is just a straight buff to the current arcane. A very dull change in my eyes.

My reasoning for this is that many pistols that can hit headshot kills very easily do not need any ammo efficiency. Meanwhile a guass with a twin grakata will burn ammo faster than you can get it back. Low firerate pistols have high accuracy while high firerate pistols tend to have sub par recoil and accuracy. Tl;dr Arcane Pistoleer is a great way to fix the ammo problems with many pistols. Currently the arcane leans twards the pistols that dont need said help.

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