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Blank Warframer, Axir|||Strix, The perfect soldier


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A warframer with weak appearances, and with an "empty" physique, constantly looking for something that completes him. His past is dark, and it is not known what brought him to where he is now, but in order not to let others pass what he has been through, he is able to become an armor for his allies, mitigating the damage they take and reinforcing their offensive abilities.

Stats (rank 0)

Hp: 75 (225 rank 30)

Shield : 75 (225 rank 30)

Armor : 150 (300 rank 30)

Energy : 150 (250 rank 30)

Speed :  1.35

(bonus rank 30 : 50% damage reduction)

Passive : As Axir is empty, he is capable of carrying 2 more mods, and his mod capacity is increased by 10 points.

Ability 1 : Create a continuous front vortex that absorbs all bullets and stores them inside (max 10,000 bullets). By reactivating the ability, you reactivate the vortex, while holding down, you consume some of the bullets to create 5 charges that hit and bounce between enemies damaging them. Number of damage and number of bounces depends on the bullets consumed(25%bullets consumed).

Ability 2 : Activating the ability consumes some of your energy to create a booster that you and your allies can collect that increases shields by 150%, health by 100% and reduces damage taken by 50%. By holding down, you also consume part of the bullets, increasing the bonuses by 50%, plus you receive an armor bonus based on the bullets used/50%bullets used. 1 bullet = 2 armor), and the stats of duration, power, range and efficiency increase by 15%.

Ability 3 : Aiming an ally: Tied to the targeted ally, increasing his HP, shield, armor, maximum energy, and reducing all damage taken directly by 50%. You can use the other abilities by consuming some of your ally's energy. Targeting an Enemy: Bind to the enemy, getting a bonus based on whether it's a heavy, light, or flying enemy. If the enemy is an eximus, you gain his power.

Abilità 4 : You cannot kill what is arleady death. Totally zero shield and armor points, no damage reduction or healing effect can be activated. You cannot use skills when this is active. Causes all enemies in an unlimited range to attack you, when you are killed in this state, you are instantly revived, recovering all your life points (can happen infinite times) .After the skill ends, create a huge explosion, with radius and damage that increases based on the number of total life lost, and the number of times you've died. Killing at least 3 enemies with this blast regenerates all life, shield and armor points. The explosion deals true damage that ignores any resistance.



Kill, repair, reload, repeat. This was the protocol. Strix always followed protocol, she was a perfect soldier, capable of killing any enemy, surviving in any situation, and always following protocol, at least until a certain day. What happened that day is unclear to this day, and there are all sorts of versions, and there's no sure way to know which one is the real one, the only sure thing is that Strix broke protocol. Officially, upon returning from the mission in which he broke the protocol, Strix was terminated, and any trace was destroyed, but some believe that this never happened. When the termination site was found, it was found destroyed, with the perimeter compromised, and hundreds of soldiers dead. Some claim that Strix is dead, and that site is solely the site of a failed experiment, others believe that Strix, it is unknown how, managed to escape from the termination site. There is no firm evidence to confirm or disprove either version.

Stats (rank 0)

Hp: 150 (450 rank 30)

Shield :  150 (450 rank 30)

Armor : 300 (450 rank 30)

Energy : 150 (250 rank 30)

Speed : 1.15

(Bonus rank 30 : +1 revive)

Passive 50% chance not to consume revives when you die. +4 revives

Abilità 1 : Kill . Highlight all enemies in your line of sight up to 50 meters in range, increasing all damage taken by 150%. The statuses applied to them have an increased power of 50% and a duration of 200%. Critical damage instantly kills enemies below 15% max HP

Ability 2 : Repair. A swarm of micro drones covers you, your allies and sentries. The drones continue to heal everyone they have covered until they are destroyed. Reactivating the ability while active temporarily upgrades the drones by increasing the healing, and returning the number to maximum.

Ability 3 : Rel%&D._/Pr&$oc/l_C!r£up%$d . Increases your movement speed by 200%, creating a distortion that allows you to avoid part of the bullets as long as your shield is active. You become immune to knockdowns, and as long as you run as fast as possible, it will take enemies 400% of the time to notice you and react to your actions. (you can give this ability to helminth)

Ability 4 : Data corrupted . Choose freely between 3 different protocols that bring advantages that are useful in any situation. Procollo 1: attack. Every hit you have has a 30% chance of being a critical hit, if it is already a critical hit, it increases your critical damage. Head critical hits ignore shields and pass 52.5% armor. Protocol 2: defense. You gain immunity from negative statuses by doubling the probability and duration of positive effects given d gp and arcane, and doubling the duration of buffs given by skills Corrupted protocol: evasion. As long as you are stationary the enemies cannot see you, the duration of the wall leech and the glide is doubled. while on the move damage is reduced by 50%, and the likelihood of suffering negative statuses is halved, as is their power and duration. Activating any of these protocols regenerates your life.


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