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Plains of Eidolon - Hillside Ruins Lagoon bounty bug


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Right outside the border shield near the Hillside Ruins, there's a Grineer Camp / Lagoon that is only accessible if you take a long elevator down from a cave further to the South.  Normally, when a "find 3 caches" bounty phase spawns here, the mission indicator will guide you to the cave elevator so you can reach the location.  While flying over on my archwing today, the game suddenly thought I already reached the lagoon so it switched the mission indicator and started the countdown.  Since I was still within the border shield, I obviously could not reach any of the caches.  Not only that, when I tried to head towards the cave elevator based on where I remembered it to be, it started the "abandoning objective" countdown, making it impossible to complete this bounty.  This occurred during Phase 2 or 3 of a 5-star bounty.

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