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Deban request


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Hello ! I would like to recover my "banned" account ... because to wait until January 1, 2035 I have other things to do than to wait ...
I've been playing warframe for 4 years now, 4 years of farming and hours of play, I have closed all the frames of the game and the bonuses and so on ....
I have 5597 platinium on my account and I have almost all the delux skins of the game, format all my frames and there I am banned because I have 70 Turkish players who came in mp and report me + insults ('j' have the screens) so THANK YOU for WELL want to deban me =) ok I was at times vulgar but there are players even more toxic than me and I am banned because 70 players last night sotn came to mp + report + spam

ok I admit having was vulgar .... and to get carried away with player .... it happens (bad day)

but from there that he asks all his friends and Turkish community to come to me mp and spamm and report in mass (70 players, I have the screen) I find that ABUSIVE

because 4 years of playing to be banned .... it hurts a bit

seriously i ask for one and ONLY chance to deban.
.... on this game because having spent 4 years of my life on this game that I love ...
every day I connect, I go out, I play with my older brother "whiteangel2" with other friends, I have my guild,; my turntables
and frankly I would like to get my count back a LOT if you like and I understand my fault ... but there 4 years of play .... as I wrote I ask for a SINGLE chance; ) thanks
(sorry for my english)

I specify I started in March 2017 and at the beginning of the year 2021 I was going to reach my 900 days of connections

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You are in the wrong spot homie. 

All you can do is make a support ticket, give them the same story. Say sorry, say you went too far, ask for another chance, etc. Don't leave anything out as they can see all the chat logs you've written, and will know if you are misleading them. They will know what you have done in the past, they will be able to look up the entire context of the conversation. They can see all. 

Nothing anyone on the forums, moderator or administrator can/will do to help you. You just have to make a support ticket, tell your story and accept their judgment. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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