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Bonewidow Necramech landslides when using meele


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Somehow the New Necramech will use a landslide ability while making a meele attack (regular meele as well as his actual meele ability). Basically when the O button is pressed The term “Landslide” will appear and a considerable amount of energy will be drained as if using an ability even if none are in use (if an ability is in use then the energy drain will be increased beyond usual capacity as if using multiple abilities at once). To clarify, this occurs both when using the mech’s Exalted Ironbride and when only using the basic O attack (PS4). The ability “Landslide” does not appear to be one of this mech’s abilities so it is not certain as to why it triggers whenever this mech makes a melee attack. This instance does not always occur but did in roughly 40% of the time spent in meele.

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