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I Wanted To Thank De


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Thank you, DE. Thank you so much for this event. To be able to control this event and future lore ourselves is great, and few games that are free to play let us do this. I like the idea of consequence for choice, and I like the idea that we get to change Warframe with this event. In the midst of all the complainers, I will gladly stand up and give you all a good job on doing something different. The rewards for fighting in this event were not stated beside end rewards—yet, we have people complaining about which side gets rewards during a fight. People complaining about clans being split, because their clan cannot come to a consensus about which side to fight for are not worth listening to. That is their own fault. People complaining that the rewards for one side being better than the other side is downright silly. If you swap sides because of that reward, then you were never trying to fight for your side. You are a mercenary. Get over it. DE, please do more events like this. Force us to choose a side. This is a universe in which many people have not seen. Do not spoil it because people can't handle choice and the respective consequence. I just want to thank DE again for doing their best in this event.

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