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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.7


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4 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

we’re working on a mini Necramech Operation that will feature Necramechs in regular missions!

Will those of us that haven't built a Necramech yet still be able to participate in this operation?

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@[DE]Megan Hey, any plans to make Firestorm (& Primed Firestorm) apply to all primaries where relevant? Shotguns have greater than zero members that could benefit from mods that increase blast radius, but as a weapon class they don’t even have a basic mod for blast radius, nevermind a primed one.


Primed Firestorm has effectively made all weapons with blast radiuses that use shotgun mods the runts of explosive weapons; I think the simplest solution to make everyone happy here would be to just re-categorize the Firestorm mods as usable by all primaries instead of just rifles, rather than something like making a new blast radius mod for explosive weapons in the shotgun class, and then a couple years from now making its primed version to finally bring them up to parity.

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