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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.7


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I played on the 13th of December for half an hour in the Orb Vallis 10:30 pm PST leveling my Nekramech.. I started the mission with it at 27... I finished after half an hour at level 30 with an affinity booster... I was solo... When I left the mission the affinity disappeared into THIN air.. The mech is still at 27... I thought you folks fixed this???


I will not invest any forma into this until this bug is fixed...

Also, Why cant I pull up the progress screen while Im in my mech?? to see the loot, the affinity gain... any of that .. Its just blank..

If I switch back to my frame I can hit "p" and pull it up but not while Im in the mech..

That should be fixed.. I would like to rank up my mech fully with all 5 forma and Im willing to put the time into it but if Im going to spend time and forma on this and loose it why should I ??

My time is actually valuable and Im spending it on this game? It gets me thinking about why Im doing it and whether I should continue to spend it in this manner... I enjoy the game but not if I keep getting RIPPED off this way..


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On 2020-12-10 at 1:43 PM, Scquintman said:

Is there any word on fixing camera bugs when using Ash's Teleport with Blade Storm? The only way to fix it is to go Operator mode, and since newer players who buy him with plat can't unlock their Operator until later, this can block them from completing missions because the camera is always stuck in one direction and is unable to be moved.

Oh you can fix it by switching to operator mode?!

Sick. Thanks for the tip man! I didn't know. 

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On 2020-12-11 at 7:07 AM, krazox said:

This is the most stupid comment I've heard in quite some time.

I can understand that you may not like to do long endurance runs to farm SE, that's why it's good that now you have the option to do it killing the acolytes, that's cool, another option added to warframe players.

Now the problem is many players like to do long runs and feel rewarded for it, and we've been left with an extremely nerfed version of what we had, plus our main frame has been bugged in purpose. These players are left with a WORSE version of the game compared to the game before the SE rework. Do you understand how bad it feels to invest thousands of plats in a build so that DE simply slaps you in the face and say "#*!% you" to us?

I can agree on having more ways to farm SE, but nerfing a way of playing many of us seemed to like a lot and bugging our main frame and setup is not tolerable.

Even more, the farming method we have now is far less efficient and more time consuming than before, how can someone praise a so important and bad thought nerf? How can you justify killing the game for many players when DE could just add the new SE system along with the old one? This way more hardcore players would be rewarded for playing long runs and casuls like you could be happy of farming SE too.

do understand how it feels to invest thousands of platinum in anything, be it a build, decorations, cosmetics, arcanes, rivens, whatever, only to have it ruined by nerf or bug that never gets unnerfed/fixed. And while we're just assuming things here, I am happy with the steel essence changes because I was a hardcore player, before Steel Path, probably before you even joined the game, farming pointlessly long into endless only to lose everything from host migrations, having the game crash on a fresh new PC, disconnections, and even a trade ban on top of that because I was simply the unlucky ticket in a hat that their "anti-cheat" bot randomly grabbed.

This is a new way to farm SE that I support because I'm thinking of the hypothetical goal behind DE's change, which is IMO less pointless endless grind, less reward risk, easier farming entry, and wider matchmaking sessions. Did the Khora nerf suck? Yeah. Is it the end of the world? lol no, get over yourself. So many warframes have been nerfed much worse but like Khora, they're still perfectly viable.

I support the new SE change because it discourages 1) [insert unhealthy amount of hours, here] endless farming and 2) "if you don't have x warframe then gtfo". Both issues of which did exist before Steel Path, but were only intensified with the inclusion of Steel Path.

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