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(Consoles) Sporothrix + Arum Spinosa Blueprints: Gift From the Lotus Alerts!

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Hello Console Tenno, and happy post-"Deimos: Arcana is live" day!

Two 48 hour Gift from the Lotus Alerts will be going live tomorrow, Friday, December 11th @ 2 PM ET on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox for:

  • 1x Sporothrix Blueprint
  • 1x Arum Spinosa Blueprint 

We originally ran these Alerts on PC November 21st due to a drop issue that was later fixed! While the issue was never present for our console Tenno (due to the fact that these items were not live yet and fixed for our cert send off), we thought we'd share the love regardless! 


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I got so excited because I first read "Console" as "Conclave" and I thought Telos Boltace was finally going to be removed! Ah well, back to floating through the skybox for several minutes while I wait to respawn.

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Danielle i know this might not be up your ally but my clan has been farming Spinosa (rivet) for over 13 hours of bounties with zero luck. We have enough BPs and Blades to build 20 odd sets but the rivet is refusing to drop. I am curious as to it working correctly on PS4?. Just mainly because i don't think i have seen a grind for one item take us this long before.

If you ever get a free moment it would be nice to know this isn't an issue. If you look into my account you can see we have done 100s of the bounties.

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Hello Danielle, since you are going to do this by giving us these reward plans for alerts, I would like to ask you a question and I would wait for an answer, the question is the following: Why have you not put the rewards of the steel path that we lack with respect to pc (among these rewards, above all, the plane of umbra form) ?.

I say it, because it is not necessary what you are going to do to give us those alerts of those plans, since we have no problem getting them, as you very well say that the error that happened in pc is corrected, and the rewards of the path of steel if we feel despised with respect to pc.

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