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Forma Exp Bonus


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I think most of us know how Forma works so I dont have to explain it.
Those of us who want to use multiple Forma on the same weapon know, its a grindfest.
A big one and most importantly an annoying one.
Because if you're already pretty far in the game you suddenly have a Rank 1 weapon you wanna farm and such a weapon is pretty useless at high levels, no? 
I understand that a f2p game needs grind, so the lazy people will buy Affinity Boosters. I think thats pretty fine for like 1 Forma. But if you want like 3 Forma it's more of an unnecessary frustration grind and frustration makes people leave games.
So thats why I think a small Affinity Boost on that weapon per Forma used would help. Something like 15% per Forma.
It really isnt that much. But it will soften the grind up to an acceptable level and you can get the weapons pretty fast again to a useful level.

What do you guys think? To high/low Affinity Boost? Terrible Idea you wanna grind or not even harsh enough?

Let me know! (:

ps: ALL HAIL CORPUS ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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No, it shouldn't give EXP.  Mastery level is exactly what the name implies, your mastery of a variety of weapons and warframes. It's a way to encourage you to try out every weapon and warframe, and to get profficient with them.  If forma'ing a weapon/frame gave you experience, it would defeat this.


That you're able to make your favorite weapon/frame more powerful is the only reward you actually need.  However, what I think DE should do is release "dual forma" BP's or something, thats lets you do two polarities in one forma or something, to slightly speed up thne process.

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I think the point is that you can't make your weapon OP very easily.  Otherwise no one would use the lower mastery weapons.

i actually want it to go by faster so that i can specifically use my weak weapons. Most players don't use a weapon if its not being forma'd or leveled because its a waste of time not getting mastery rank elsewhere. 

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As you put more forma and polarity into your weapon, the faster you can put your strong mods in it.


For example, a weapon with no forma has to be at least level 9 in order to put a mod with 9 capacity (assuming no potato)

If you forma the weapon, the weapon only needs to be level 5 in order to put the same mod in.


In that sense, your weapon becomes stronger faster, and allows you to innately level up your weapons faster. (More kills with the gun = more exp for the gun)


So none of this is really necessary. It's fine as is. 

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