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Gyromag systems as profit-taker bounties reward - bugged droprate


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I'm currently trying to rank-up my Vox Solaris standing to agent but struggle a lot on something : getting those 15 Gyromag Systems required.

After a quick look at the rewards table, you'd think that getting those'll take just a few tries (an average of 12 bounties to get 15 as you drop them by bundle of 5).


But no, those drop even less than Repeller systems.

After 50-60 runs I'm sitting at 12 Repeller systems for 10 Gyromag Systems.


50-60 runs makes an average of 3.75-4.5 Repeller Systems reward, so me being at 4 is right in the average (7.5% chance of drop)

But 50-60 runs also makes an average of 12.5-15 Gyromag Systems reward, me being at 2 is way too low to be bad luck (25% chance of drop)


So I don't know what's the problem, is it that the wiki has wrong info, or that there is a bug making the Gyromag Systems droprate be so bad ? (Or maybe even some conditions that remove them from the drop table)

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