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A whole bunch of rivens, 20p each


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I'm almost full up on rivens, and I need to sell some off! It's either that, or melt them down for endo, and that seems like a terrible waste. So I'm selling all my surplus rivens, nearly all unrolled, for 20p each. If you see something you like, please DM me or respond here.

As a special deal, I'll trade any 3 rivens of your choice for a Scindo riven, or any 6 of your choice for a Lato Vandal Barrel.

Thanks for taking the time to look. Good luck and have fun!

Primary rivens: Argonak, Buzlok, Ferrox, Hind, Komorex, Nagantaka, Penta, Quanta, and Simulor.



Secondary rivens: Acrid, Akarius, Bolto, Dual Toxocyst, Quatz, Sicarus, Spectra, and Twin Kohmak



Melee rivens: Ankyros, Cronus, Dark Split-sword, Dual Ether, Ether Daggers, Ether Reaper, Gazal Machete, Gunsen, Hirudo, Kama, Kogake, Okina, Pupacyst, and Volnus.



Zaw rivens: Dokrahm and Rabvee



Sentinel rivens: Artax and Stinger



Thanks again! PM or respond here if you're interested.


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