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The Future of Space Missions


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ok so this is what I think could be of great importance to Warframe especially DE.

The new map for player versus player in space  should be three players min versus three players

The map should include four basic components  A sun ( this will help as the sun will be either behind you or in you eyes if you get to close)

Asteroids ( this will act as cover to hits but still be able to see you.)

Gas ( this is good cover allow you to sneak around).

These are the three main components which should be placed in a one third of an area around the outside to  1/4 into the centre of the map.

everyone starts some  where in one area

the centre of the map should have a black hole ( if you get to close you are sucked in  and die)

the black hole should have asteroids around to show players where not to go ( however ramming could be using to see ship go into it and die because a player did ram the ship)

this simple but effective grouping of components on a map would create a simple but effect gameplay able to maintain an interest in repeat games.

I hope you like the version that has been presented, it is the best version available to humanity


 please make comment   

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