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Epic Games Store Launch - Launch & Help Thread!

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15 minutes ago, Shinmei said:

Awesome! Unreal Tournament was one of my favorite FPS game ever, nice to have those nostalgic skins on Warframe! It's to amazing to be true!!

It was my first online game back when it first appeared, played it on dialup game install was 512 meg I think, all my umods and maps took it out to over 5 gig.

Those skins are REALLY well done, I just had to have them.

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On 2020-12-10 at 7:02 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Troubleshoot FAQ:

1) If you are having trouble claiming the bundle (i.e it says owned but you log in and see nothing), we are looking into this right now! 

FIXED: Simply login and the weapons + skins will be there for you now! There was a hiccup with fulfilling, but we are in the clear now. Redemption steps above! 

2)  Syandana ain't there! We should have a fix for this tomorrow, as it may require a hotfix. But any eligible will be rewarded the free Syandana! 
This is now fixed as of 29.5.8 Hotfix - you can log in through Epic to claim!

@[DE]Rebecca The above issue still exists as of 5 minutes ago, the pack for the UT gun skins says owned, but never showed up. 

That was quick just logged in again through epic and it finally showed up.  a few minutes after the post.  

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26 minutes ago, EnderCorePL said:

EGS is a malware, I'd advice anyone who can and desperately want those skins to set up a VM and install it there, then burn the VM with fire or at least delete it.

Depends on your definition of Malware.
If Malware is something that people started a rumour its malware, because of "mah steam", yeah then its malware.
If Malware is something that saves user data, then, yeah its malware, but then again, so is steam, gog, chrome, firefox, youtube, warframe, and just about anything you use online.
If Malware, is software that is introduced to your machine to have some sort of deleterious effect to advantage some bad actor. No, Epic Games isn't Malware. In fact you can check with any security software, any security company, and none of them will flag the launcher.

Now you can be stupid and think there's some sort of overarching international conspiracy to make you use Epic, or, you might just realize that some guy that doesn't know what he's doing jumped to false conclusions on Reddit, and you're now just following the bandwagon of crazy that follows such kinds of assertions. (Not too different from the whole Vaccines cause autism thing). Or you can realize that you let your very human change adversity create an irrational fear/hate towards Epic, that led you to trust the echo-chamber revolving around the Malware claims, without actually thinking that if that was true, the numerous online security companies, Steam, Microsoft, etc would all be warning against using such software, because that's what happens with known malware.


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On 2020-12-11 at 12:43 AM, WeebMoa said:

Yey, i can't even open it, it says that C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Warframe\Downloaded\Tools\Windows\x64\EOSSDK-Win64-Shipping.dll could not be loaded



This fixed a problem thanks! ^-^ 

Do you know where to install it? I can seem to find the right place to put the file.

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On 2020-12-14 at 5:22 AM, Slayer-. said:

It was my first online game back when it first appeared, played it on dialup game install was 512 meg I think, all my umods and maps took it out to over 5 gig.

Those skins are REALLY well done, I just had to have them.

My favorite mod for me was the U4E weapons. I still have it on my system but haven't played UT in about a year.

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On 2020-12-11 at 2:02 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

1. Visit the Warframe page on the Epic Games Store
2. Find the Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle in the 'Packs' section
3. Claim your bundle for free
4. Download and log in to Warframe through the Epic Games Store (you only need to do this once to redeem the bundle)
5. Find your Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle and Synkra Syandana in your Inventory!


I should probably ask this on players-helping-players, but does anyone by now have a updated guide for this that *just works*. The above is too vague imo, too much "1) click claim 2) profit".

Just want clear directions to get this on my existing warframe account (PC, standalone (non-steam, non-epic)).
Only getting it on a new account at 'eos/egs' is not what I am looking for.

I've read the comments about copying over to fool the 'egs' downloader to save some download effort, so I do not need those details repeated.
It would be sad if this is also one of those "but not for you" things, like with all the twitch prime stuff, since amazon is against offering that in my (EU) country.

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On 2020-12-11 at 7:20 PM, minininja77 said:

Same. I do not get the hate for Epic, I swear people do not understand that competition in the market is a good thing. The epic game store may be far from perfect but at least people have another option from just steam for games.

Except you already have options, the xbox pc store, origin, steam, blizzard's thing, etc etc etc list goes on.

competition in the market is a good thing, but: if someone is trying to sell flowers, and there's already tons of other stores you can buy them as well, if that one, new flower shop ends up giving you dirty old flowers that can only be obtained from that one store with a heftier pricetag than the other store i can always reliably go to, get what i want, and always get a refund if i didn't enjoy it? you bet your ass i wouldn't change store.

to explain: when you purchase a game from the epic store, you have UP TO 24 hours to refund it.

on steam, you can refund a game based on PLAYTIME, even if the game is a week old on your account. and sometimes you can even give a hefty explanation to steam, be a little adamant about it and get a refund anyways even if you exceeded the playtime limit. i've done this and greatly enjoy those benefits.

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