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Information on firt time launching Warframe Launcher


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So, i've heard about DE wanna give something if you launch and login to Warframe in Epic Games Store, and then i notice something that shouldn't be see for the new player, and in the a Bio/Story/Info that the Launcher (in the first time downloading Info) give, you see, it is said something about Cryostasis Chamber, as an old player who see the old Tutorial system, i kinda know what that means, but for the new player? They already have a New Tutorial + a sick looking cinematic, they will surely be confused when they know they're being awaken in a Stoned Warframe, and not in the Cryostasis Chamber anymore, soo... What i'm meaning iss... Did DE just wanna put that in the Launcher like that for some reason? or kinda forgot tot change it? cuz i think it needs a little bit of changing in the Launcher info


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