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Can Someone From De/mod Clarify My Zerker Question?


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I rather have someone clarify some questions before everyone starts spreading more misinformation.



If Corpus wins:  DE will release Zerker frame.

If Grineer wins:  De will not release Zerker frame.



They are basically saying if we let Corpus win. Alad will create/release Zerker frame due to having resources to experiment on the Tenno we gave up on.


But....if Grineer wins it's still a chance.  Because lets just say we did rescue some Tenno and one of those Tenno we saved woke up (kind of like excalibur.)  And boom it's Zerker!


I just hope someone will comment so we can just put this rumor to rest.



I rather believe she will be released with Update 11.

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Where in the Seven Kingdoms did you ever get the idea that the Berserker would be a reward for this event? There has LITERALLY only been 1 concept art released of her. As of livestream #16, she was just starting to get modeled. There is no way (unless DE worked their butts off) she would be ready for release in less than 2 weeks. Also, did you even read the event reward page? You're starting a new thread asking a question that could easily be answered by reading the forums for literally 2 minutes. These threads though..

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I never said she was a reward for the event.


PEOPLE are making it seem like this event will depict the games future lore.   Which will effect how Zeker is introduced...to us and how soon......



Then someone on the forum (forgot who it was)...basically said someone from DE made a comment.....something in the lines of...Zerker has nothing to do with this event..BUT I never saw an official quote....



It's not to farfetch to believe the outcome of this event will change the storyline.  I'm pretty sure DE are freestyling the lore anyway lol

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