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Gantulyst like and hydrolyst like warframers.


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Gantulyst like warframer

Name : (?)

Description A brute and quite resistant warframe, capable of facing any enemy without any fear.

Stats (rank 0)

Hp : 225

Shield : 115

Armor : 365

Energy : 150

Speed : 1.05

Passive : For every second your shields are off, create a shockwave that will push enemies away from you(25m range)(if an enemy pushed by this ability hit the wall will recive 1000 damage, if hite one other enemy, both will recive 750 damage).

Ability 1

Slowly move your (left) arm from right to left firing a continuous beam of energy that does high damage. For each enemy hit, strengthen your armor by 100 points

Cost : 25 energy

Duration : 3 seconds (increase with duration. Highter duration, slower the arm move)

Action angle : 180° (increase with ability range up to 270°)

Range : 50 meters (increase with range)

Damage : 1250 (increase with ability strenght)

+100 armor/enemy (max unlimited) (increase with ability strenght up to 200 armor/enemy)

Armor buff duration : 12s (increase with duration)

Ability 2

Hit the ground hard several times, creating shockwaves that deal high damage and lock enemies in place for a few seconds.

Cost : 50

number of shockwave : 6

Damage : 2000 (+275 to next shockwave)

Range : 25 meters

Ability 3

Create a protective sphere around you that moves with you and protects you from bullets. The sphere is capable of absorbing immense amounts of damage, and in the first 5 seconds after being activated, it is immune, and the absorbed damage further increases the life of the sphere.

Cost : 50

Duration : unlimited

Barrier hp : 11.500 (increase with armor, ability strength)

Range : 5 meters (increase with range)

Ability 4

Create tall energy pillars that rise from the ground, and spawn in close proximity to enemies inflicting tremendous adaptive damage upon impact, and over time. As long as the ability is active, your movement speed is reduced

Cost : 75 + 5/s (reduced with efficiency and duration)

Range : 100m (cannot be increased)

Damage on pillar : 5000 (increase with strenght)

Pillar range : 5 meters (increase with range)

Damage/s : 2500 (increase with strenght)

Falloff : 30% (can be reduced with ability stenght up to 15%)

Max. pillars number : 20 (increase with range and strenght)


Hydrolyst like warframer

Name : (?)

Description : This warframe is powerful enough to wipe out any foe before they know it.


Hp : 150

Shield : 250

Armor : 150

Energy : 150

Energy : 200

Speed : 1.15

Passive : Every 12 seconds, strike up to 3 enemies in your Affinity Radius with Lightning. When your shields are destroyed, hit 6 enemies every 3 seconds. Lightning strikes cause and apply electrical and corrosive damage.

Ability 1

Throw a ball of energy that explodes after a couple of seconds, dealing damage, and creates some homing projectiles, which are also explosive.

Cost : 25

initial explosion damage : 1650

Projectiles explosion damage : 1350

Projectile number : 12 (increase with the multishot from mods and riven on primary weapon)

Initial explosion range : 5m

Projectiles explosion range : 3m

Ability 2

Quick Press: Drop some lightning bolts into your line of sight that deal corrosive and electrical damage.

Cost : 35

Range 25m

Damage : 2500 (50/50 corrosive electric)

Press and hold: channels your energy, increasing the range of the ability and its power, then on release you drop on each enemy up to 3 lightning bolts that reset their armor and shields for a few seconds. Enemies killed by this skill will release power-ups that increase range and skill power.

Cost : 14/s

Range : +20m/s

Damage/lightning : 2500

100% armor and shield reduction

Debuff duration : 8s

%buff drop : 100%

Buff : 15% ability strenght , 15% ability range

Buff duration : 12 s

Ability 3

Create a continuous storm that engulfs you reducing all damage and countering the enemies that hit you with a powerful bolt of lightning. which reduces their movement speed and accuracy. Heavy bullets are destroyed before they hit you.

Cost : 50

Duration : 45s

Damage reduction : 65% (increase with ability strenght up to 80%)

Counter range : 35m

Heavy projectile counter range : 35m

Counter damage : 550

Counter debuff : -74% movement speed , - 35% accuracy

Ability 4

Channel your energy for a few seconds, then create a large cloud that will continually drop corrosive water to the ground, which will accumulate and create areas of continuous damage. The cloud will also release several lightning bolts every few seconds, and if an enemy is inside a pool of water, the damage will also pass to other enemies.

Cost : 125

Channeling duration : 4s

Cloud duration : 300s

Cloud range : 60m

Cloud dps : 335dps (corrosive damage)

Puddle dps : 550dps (corrosive damage)

Lightning damage : 2000 (75% electric, 25% corrosive)

Lightning delay : 5s


Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions for names, or changes for skills, write them down in the comments (as well as your impressions, criticisms, other, even unmotivated insults if you want). Have a good day.


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