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Captura: after controls reconfig I can't to acess Settings/select highlighted


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I didn't know where to put it, bc its not anything with animation. Maybe UI? orr mission bc captura is one? 


After a while away I changed my controls to avoid murdering people in eso every time I want to run. 


So toggle sprint is on "Press R3" now. 

I wanted to make a nice pic in captura, I remember previously having access to a setting menu that allowed me to change lighting and such. 


The UI says "R3" Settings /Select highlighted, but I press and press but nothing happens. 


So it seems to me like the game noticed the rebindung, changed the button prompts, but somehow didn't change the way to acess Settings. 

Like have it 

press touch pad for settings 


make it conditional. 


If free camera on: ⬅️= open settings,  ↕️ =select row 

that way shouldn't make any problems bc people are used to navigate uis with the direction buttons anyway and it would only work in captura when the free camera is engaged. 


Why not allow a reconfig of the captura controls, especially when there's the problem like here where something colludes, like here the pivot control for the cam with my rebound sprint 



because sprinting works fine. I checked other controllers too

that's it

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