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Tennobaum 2020: A Voice in The Night


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Happy Tennobaum guys. 

Been spending the weekend farming credits. I picked up playing seriously about a week ago so I'm mastery rank 4.

In terms of wishes, I think I would want what any new player wants. Catalysts, reactors and slots. 

If I had to pick one thing though it would be the Storm color palette. I would really like to start customising my frame. 

I hope you all enjoy the holidays!!! 

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To keep enjoying the game.

That the rest of the people also enjoy it.

That everyone of you got a happy holidays and a very good, and better, new year.

That everyone helps making this world we got a little better so all of us can enjoy it and celebrate together free of our burdens and problems.


Happy Tennobaum for everyone, my best wishes to you :D

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Happy tennobaum and I wish everyone to find some joy in these times.

If anyone's feeling generous I have recently got some cool weapons and I'd love to have some slots and forma/ catalysts to make them even better.


EDIT: Thank You AlexanderXM and trunks013 for weapon slots! You guys are really awesome

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Happy tennobaum 😁

As much as I know this community . It is one os the nicest of the gaming community with ppl trying to help each other. As of it -

I would like to post my wishlist: any slots ( warframe or weapon)

Anything you like or you would wanna give


If possible a warframe will be great 😅


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dear tenno santa, i have seen people wishing for items and i would like to wish for things, the heart of the tenno are strong this year

so i wish for the new xaku frame and any other deluxe skin bundle, would be greatly appreciated. slots for weapons i also wish for. slots in general would be good, but lastly i wish for stalker to finally drop his scythe for me to use

have a wonderfull tennobaum everyone. i wish for all of you a happy celebration of the holidays


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My wishlist is to have friends to hang out with in game who are nice :P  Can't buy that though 😅 I'll be sure to gift someone something.  Probably a cool skin, post up your wishlists, it might be you!

EDIT:   Guess if you wanna give me anything, emblems would be kinda cool.

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I don't really participate in this type of gifting often, but it sure would be better if we have a compiled list of who wanted which so people can browse that post and gift instead of browsing 10+ pages to see who can they gift to.  


That being said, my NSW username's the same as this forum username, in all caps. My wishlist is mainly tennogen and deluxe skins (Frost Emperor/Hisame/Ion, Oberon Youkai, Wukong Mithra, Excalibur Zato collection), and syndanas like Joutenheim, Mithra, Naru or Night Hunter, but riven slots would be much appreciated, too!

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Happy Tennobaum to all Tenno!

This year has been a very complicated year but you'll see that we will get out of there as fast as possible😊

It seems like that everyone have written their own wishlist, well, now its my turn xD

i wish for some riven mod slots or archwing weapon slots

Thanks to @(PSN)soldatoj57 for the archwing weapon slot. (You right, archwing will never die!)

PS4 IGN: stoneice34

(P.S: My english is pretty bad, i'm sorry😅

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Stay safe everyone! ^-^

IGN: Sukasaa - PC (EU.)


Mesa Presidio Collection 

Oberon Feyarch Collection

Volt Proto Skin Collection 

Garuda Hinsa Collection - Gifted by Mr.Allan.

Display - Glyph

Dual Blades Hip Holster


Clan Emblem - Gifted by gtorfo

Repeatable Gifts Below:

Forma Bundle - Gifted by Mr.Allan & AlexsanderXM

Slots Warframe,Weapons, or Rivens - Gifted by ThoMKeh

Gifts I got that are not in Wishlist:

Orokin Cell Decoration - Gifted by Zen--

Nanospore Decoration - Gifted by Fafnir-san

Thanks in Advance! =)

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Happy Tennobaum everyone!


My wishlist:




-Forma Bundles/Potato

-Nova atomica

-Excalibur Zato

-Equinox Antonym

-Nezha Empyrean   Gifted by gtorfo

-Reliquary Harrow   Gifted by AlexanderXM

MHadrian gifted - Weapon slots

Mr.Allan gifted - 2x Forma bundle

Thanks in advance!

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