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Tennobaum 2020: A Voice in The Night

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Happi Tennobaum.

My Wishlist is: 5P decorations only(i wish to make corner full of little decorations to tank my orbiter performance even more) :D

And worry not about kindess not being forwarded, i keep finding other people argon decorations as well and returning them to their rightful owners

Ty so far:yanidere,Fuzzorz



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Happy Tennobaum everyone! 

Here's my wish list:

•  Any skin for anything

• Or literally anything. Let's just make some fun! ^_^

• Or You can check my IG withlist

P.S.  And don't forget to wish something nice to lonely Worm Queen! She is cute and funny! 

P.P.S. Hey! Be sure to wish something to she! She is really nice! She gives us kuva, and so funny comments when we take it from her, eww, subordinates. Oh, and she have cool  cat like 'ears'  ^__^

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Finally my first Tennobaum has arrived and it's time to do the letter for all the Santas out there (hoping they don't bring coal). My wishlist:

- Banshee Soprana Collection

-Nidus phryke Collection


- Some forma bundle which are always useful

Some potatoes blue or gold are always helpful

I'll leave some cookies and hot milk here for everyone 🍪🥛

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Happy Tennobaum! I wish all Tenno & friends a happy holiday season 🎄


  • Aura forma, exilus adapters, orokin catalysts and reactors
  • Titiana Empress Skin/Collection
  • Colour schemes
  • Orbiter decor, especially plants
  • Holiday-themed orbiter decor from DE!

Gifting some of the posters above and to fun squadmates to pay it forward!

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Happy Tennobaum

this year my wishlist is:

-Forma bundle



-Warframe slot

-Any booster

-If you want to do my maximum dream real give me The nova deluxe :(

Any of these things will be of great help to me to continue progressing thanks to all <3
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Since I'm going through a "gifting craze" ,  I'll just add myself to the list.

Wishlist is in my IG profile, but gifting isn't necessary. If you need to spam 5p trash for the gift board, I'm your Tenno to unload on.

I wish to add my younger sister, AngelTerri . Her wishlist is more of a "what I'm looking at next" list. You can also gift the normal stuff ...

Gold and Blue taters
weapon slots
warframe slots
forma bundles
CLEM noggle(s) ( she loves the guy, and I'm an a-hole )

Thank you for reading.

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Happy Tennobaum everyones! I wish all You Tennos, familes and friends will have a happy holiday ever !! 

My Wishlist:

  • Volt Zener Skin or Nezha Empyrean Skin or Any Frame Skin u want
  • Any cosmetic bundle or Any Syandanas
  • Warframe slots
  • Potatoes
  • Exilus Warframe Adapter
  • Any Booster


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Hello everyone! 

Hope You are having a great time, and are already getting ready for Christmas Eve!

My wishlist, it would be awesome to receive:

-As much forma bundles as Santa is able to lift :D

Thank You all in advance and hope You will have a great time during these Christmas spent with family in peace.

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Platform: PC

IGN: LokiBird


More Practical:

Warframe/Weapon/Riven/Companion Slot(s)

Affinity/Resource Booster


Eidolon Lens (any)

Baruuk/Xaku/Gauss warframe


For Fun:


Solstice or Vitruvian Glyph Pack

Valkyr Noggle Thank you @Krilexis for the Valkitty! You're awesome!! ☺️

Domestik Drone Thank you @Gilmaesh!! You're the best! The cute lil' Space Roomba will be happily cleaning around my ship now!

Storm/Grineer/Fire/Daybreak/Corpus/Dojo/Orokin Color Palette

Euphrates Kavat or Kubrow Armor

Mag Pneuma/Mesa Presido/Mirage Winter Skin


Thank you in advance for anything you gift! It's greatly appreciated! I will always try to send some sort of gift in return if I can!

Happy Tennobaum and a very Merry Christmas to all of you! 😊

#WeAllGiftTogether 🎅

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Well i really wanted to thank you guys even though i only received one on my wishlist and it is excal zatooo ^-^ i am very happy from it oh and btw this community is so kind by just reading here makes me so happy anyways guys be safeee always :")

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