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  • Removed the 25 Grandmother Token cost to Gild Items at Father and replaced with 25 Father Tokens as originally intended. A script will be run to refund those who were impacted by this change! UPDATE: Script complete! 


  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Shield Maiden not functioning properly after it’s been destroyed for Client players. 
  • Fixed Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk ability becoming non-functional is cast too rapidly. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1238057-xakus-graps-glitch/
  • Fixed Client squadmates not seeing the Host Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk weapons expire. 
  • Fixed Corpus escalation beacons on the Orb Vallis not standing upright after being spawned. 
  • Fixed a rare case where the Orvius might cause a crash. 
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Can we get old enemy scaling back SOMEWHERE new enemies feel like paper -> boring. Maybe just in ONE single node of each gamemode or  in Void only. Every  melee demolishing level 9999 feels just not fun and also should NOT  be possible  

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Please READ! edited!! xD (guy above me gets points, i have the solution, no points .. T-T xD                  (( <- edit edit  I wrote this not because i want points, I meant that like: "okay, people scroll to that comment above , then like it, becasue they have that problem and feel validated   ---, and if they just would read one more comment, maybe it would help em :facepalm: ))

Thank You for the hotfix!

I could swear red text announced something about a syandana, so I hoped for the Synkra Syandana being properly delivered,

but I still don't have that syandana.... hm





Fellow Tennos, I hope you did NOT DEINSTALL the seccond installation of warframe via Epic games

GO INTO GAME VIA EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER, so the hotfix loads THERE AS WELL   xD xD xD....now i have the syandana!
End of EDIT

The weapons were delivered first try, thanks for awesome fashion enhancements!:P

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В 28.11.2020 в 01:37, scramblegs сказал:
  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: When using a non-default Garuda skin with a melee weapon equipped, Garuda's talons use the default skin in mission
  • REPRODUCTION: Equip a Garuda skin (in my example: Successor) and a melee weapon (kuva shildeg) Enter a mission (E Prime). 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Garuda's Talons are skinned using the successor skin
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Garuda's Talons are skinned using the default skin
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproducible

This bug has been present since Deimos Arcana released. It's worth noting that there have been multiple bugs involving incorrect skinning of Garuda's talons in the past, yet this issue continues to arise in some form or another.



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I had a feeling that it wasn't supposed to be grandmother tokens

that was way too expensive

oh and also the element icons for chromas element switching don't appear on the Hud

correction they don't appear until you unlock elemental ward

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