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Iso vault bug/ necramech bug


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 So I was trying the new iso vault last night, did the old ones to access new ones, used my freshly formad mech when I coudk to level it up, no problem except for the 3rd new vault bounty, where at like the last stage, there was something on the ground that was glowing a bright sort of green? To the point where most of my screen was blind and I couldn't see what was going on and got downed, and as I revived I noticed the necramech xp I earned had reset, which I though was fixed in yesterday's console update? I think the bounty stage had me look for those cysts to pop when filling a sack to mark infested, I have pics on my phone but don't know how to upload and it sucks cause it took me a good hour and half to get all that done alone 


Which also makes me want to ask if the waiting around when using mixers, guarding loid and other wait times etc can be reduced because I found that these runs are taking too long for you to not get a good reward or one that you need, need better reward for the grind imo

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It's still pretty atrocious. Bugs are rampant for me on console. I've played literally all day and every single bounty was ruined by a bug that made it impossible to continue on with the next bounty.

These are just what I remember from TODAY:

Fell out of the map (x3)

Got ability locked (x2)

Movement/interaction locked (x1)

Host migration causing the "active bounty can't start another one yet" bug (x5 minimum)

Non-void damage activating the vault puzzle (this was consistent with every bounty I ran today, so let's conservatively say x7)

Total: 18 game breaking bugs within a 12 hour period. I'm really trying to be patient and understanding but man it's getting really difficult. Plus the simple volume of complaints I see about the same issues is even more disheartening.

Hire a dedicated, full time bug fix team or something. DE*, please don't let your game become akin to something like the Bethesda atrocities. 😐

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