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Chroma Spectral Scream and Melee


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So Spectral Scream has been given some dire needed changes and I tested them.. ok the damage is still miserable, as all damage that merely scales with ability power is.

But well it does still apply status effects, so it could be a good assisting ability.

I noticed that when you wield a ranged weapon and activate Spectral Scream I can use the melee weapon at the same time using the designated melee button. Which is great. Makes the ability kinda useful by spewing some status effects on the enemies in front of you. Except that left mouse does nothing despite using the corresponding option enabled to use primary fire for melee.

Also when you wield a melee weapon and activate Spectral Scream weirdly the designated melee button does nothing.

If I had to guess then the former behavior is unintended, but instead of fixing it please let us use melee (or any weapon really) with the ability active (or else it's still useless).

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