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Unending Defense Mission


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Requiem void fissure. Kuva Fortress Defense.

Played until wave 19; intending to finish with 20. The last enemy/enemies were nowhere to be found.
Hosts left 3 times; 2 didn't return. Still same outcome after the wave restarted.
There were a few friendly Hyekkas around (maybe summoned by Nekros' summon?).
We decided to let the last enemy kill all Hyekkas and then killed the enemy.
That seemed to have helped. After 20 minutes of trying to find a way out the mission finally ended.

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Was there a Revenant, Nyx or Xaku in your squad? Because the first two are known to be able to deadlock a Defense mission while the latter, Xaku, one can probably deadlock a Defense mission but I haven't gone out of my way to find out.

So the way Revenant, Nyx and hypothetically Xaku deadlock a Defense mission is by Enthrall/Mind Control/Accuse of any one of the enemies that can create more enemies (like a Hyeka Master). The Hyeka Master summons Hyekas and sometimes when you kill the Hyeka Master, the Hyekas remain your allies while considered "enemies" by the Defense mission.

With regard to Xaku, I have been able to make Accused Infested Boilers spawn permanent Infested allies upon death. So I'm pretty sure Xaku can probably deadlock a Defense mission just like Nyx and Revenant.

I don't think Nekros can do this, though I don't play Nekros enough.

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