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Sleep Arrow



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To initially send something to sleep: 
Sleep Arrow should be guaranteed if the target is not sleep-immune and is within the radius of Arrow impact.
Sleep Arrow's base radius is not terribly impressive, so you won't be hitting much if you're negatively-ranged.

To keep things asleep:
Sleep Arrow cannot be refreshed in duration, so it you shoot another before expiry the unit will wake up unaffected by the second arrow's expected duration.
New targets can be freely slept, but only woken targets will be sent to a newly full-duration sleep.
If target health drops 50% of the value it had on the moment it fell asleep, unit will awaken (Direct damage or DoTs can cause seeming 'inconsistency' in sleeps this way)


In both cases:
Be aware that being too close to objects can make projectiles fire off at unexpected angles. If you're extremely point blank to units or geometry it's possible the arrows are flinging off and hitting somewhere well away from where you're pointing.
Use a recognisable energy colour that gives you a better visual overlay on your affected targets to keep track of what is or isn't asleep.
(Mini/)Bosses which aren't immune to Sleep Arrow generally still cause diminishing returns over multiple casts of an ability up to -90% duration. Sleep Arrow's short enough that it barely staggers them if they're scaled up.

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I have tried ranged and mid range and it's hit and miss whether it works or not.  I've tried every body area and it's only working about 20% of the time.  I've been running Sedna Kappa.  Just regular flavor enemies.  Rare I use to use sleep but makes for leveling a melee weapon a lot easier when you can sleep alert enemies bunched up.  Been months since I used it, it just recently started and no change to my frame other than weapons.

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