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Melee: Lifting Enemeis & Channeling


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Remove please, its more distracting, and more of harming then helpful. I can only hit lifted enemies half the time, and even when i do, they start drifting away, causing me to move forward and use a melee combo I didn't want to to attack it.

In my opinion, channeling may not have been used much, but it was FAR more helpful then "whoa look the enemy your trying to get close to and kill is drifting away now out of range". Personally i would just bring channeling back instead, but if your looking for a replacement, try making heavy attacks charge enemeis in range with void energy, making the next regular melee strike do more damage, or anything other then lifting.

Channeling wasn't used due to the way it worked, draining 5 energy per melee strike, only being able to use it for  a breif few moments at best for only 2x damage, and then not being able to use any abilities after?

if they were to add it again i'd want them to keep heavy attacks but make channeling hold down heavy attack to activate, and either make it duration based, say you could only use it for 10s and wouldn't be able to again for at least 10s, or give it its own type of energy bar that wouldn't work off of the warframe's energy.

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