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Defense Missions, Need Fix.


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Defense missions are very unstable and Fail for people for absolutely no reason. E.g. Me and 3 buddies on wave 80 get "Mission Failed" for no reason, the pod was at 100% and didnt get touched. Another example we were at wave 67 and for no reason at all we got "host migration" and screwed us over because it separated our team into 3 different games so we all got massacred. Defense missions are the Hardest thing in this game which makes them very fun and competitive, it is very challenging to go past 100 or 200 waves of enemies, but its impossible when the actual game isn't stable and glitches out on us. Leaderboards are great and this will make it so everybody can actually rank up on them. Defense missions Really need to be fixed and made so that we don't lose 3 or 4 entire hours of our time trying to complete one really long game. Please DE Help us out on this one, we are loyal gamers and customers !


Thank You :]

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Yes actually I have an impeccable connection with no more than 15 ping ever and usually 5 to 10, that goes for everybody in the game we all have tip top ISP and connection. Its definitely not my ISP or network or anything like that. I've hosted many many games and have never had issues before. Plus we always have a globe up 24/7 on the pod and it was corpus. The missions themselves need to be fixed theres absolutely no other explanation for it, I've been looking for months. 


DE Please fix this, its a win-win situation as you will get more players playing and we will have a stable and reliable game to compete on.

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