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Smash Bros. Warframe Trailer


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I just saw the trailer that announced that Sephiroth (sp?) is joining the fight, and that inspired me to make my own trailer for when and if the Tenno join the fight:


The scene begins where it left of where Sephiroth says "I refuse to remain a memory."

Ballas (as he once was): "It is to be your fate."

Sephiroth: *turning to him* "And who are you to dictate my fate?"

Ballas: "You are like the enemy of the old war." Scenes/images from the game Warframe swirl around him. "The more powerful your enemies became, the easier it was to fall against you. But no more. Now MY weapons join the fight."

At that point, Excalibur, Mag, Loki, and Volt drop into the scene one at a time and the caption appears: The Tenno awaken to Join the Fight!

Sephiroth tries to hack and hew at the Tenno, but they are like no enemy he has faced before. They confound his blows making him angrier and angrier while Cloud and everyone else can hardly believe their eyes. This is also where the "gameplay" is shown with the Warframes battling the others.

Sephiroth: *Angry, frustrated, and tired*: "So, blue one..." he says, assuming his final/true form, "What do your 'Tenno' have that neither I nor Cloud do?"

Ballas: *Unnervingly calm* "They wield the power of the Void. Older than the Stars, and indifferent to their struggles. But when that indifference is broken, a new power is revealed." At this point, Excalibur summons his exalted blade, Volt paralyzes him, Mag magnetizes his bones, Loki (who had landed on top of Sephiroth unnoticed by him) uses his switch teleport on Excalibur, And Excalibur plunges his exalted blade into Sephiroth's heart.

Ballas: *Still unnervingly calm* "They shall destroy you, just as they destroyed us. Right, Lotus?"

Lotus, whom had appeared on the opposite side of the battlefield from Ballas: "Exactly."

Ballas, finishing the trailer: "Shadows dancing with light, A blade unseen, but felt. The Name: Warframe."

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5 minutes ago, Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3 said:

Lotus was the “Dispatch officer”, Ballas was the “Inventor”, and he also did the Prime Trailers.

Pretty sure it's implied Lotus was acting independently of both Lotus and Hunhow's original intent before the former came back to continue his own plans himself.

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This is pretty cool, and honestly it isn’t even that far fetched compared to some of the other characters in the game, examples:

-snake (from a violent mature game w/ guns, yet it kinda works)

-wii fit trainer (barely even a real character, more of an ad for something that they probably don’t even sell anymore)

-steve from minecraft (I mean who really thought they were gonna put steve in the game?)


Because of these characters, that honestly no one thought would ever get into this game, I think this is definitely a plausible idea.

Although the Lotus would 100% be the announcer. Ballas is more of the drunk abusive father who bailed right after the Tenno were born, the Lotus is the parent who was actually stayed and took care of them consistently, the Lotus has to be the announcer. Just change up the time line a bit, it’ll work.

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