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The S.U. standing bug.


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So today (2020.12.12) I have went to do some conservations on Venus. I needed about... 14k. I have catched quite a few conservation targets and gathered +5k standing. When I went back, the "Mission Rewards" showed me that I indeed got +5k standing, except the syndicate standing meter didn't move an inch! I'm currently Rank 4 With S.U. and had 85k points. I'm MR14 with 19k the max standing I can get each day being 19k. So, anyway, back to the bug. When I went back to get some more conservation targets about 2 hours ago, I checked the "View Mission Progress" and it said I had 90k, so I went back to Fortuna to check it. It still said 85k I catched the remaining targets I could get (9k) and the "View Mission Progress" counter went over 99k, over to 102k. I went back to Fortuna to see if the glitch was fixed... It still wasn't... I miss that 5k... and now I can't get Rank 5 with S.U. today :(. Please fix this because this is genuinelly making me sad. It only happened to me on PS4 but it might happen on PS5, xBox and any other console or uhh... electronic,

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