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More text characters should be available for gilding/naming


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There are text character restrictions when naming in warframe, a 24 character limit is present which is reasonable as you'd hope things would fit without having to wrap text or show in smaller text. Even that is arguably wholly unnecessary given it doesn't apply to kuva weapons, this topic isn't regarding that naming restriction though.

An inconvenience in gilding is many reasonable characters (keyboard stuff, not even random from character map) aren't allowed.  It's difficult to tell exactly which are and aren't allowed because you can type what you want it's only when you press enter you are alerted as such it cause accidental transactions to test.

I know for a fact "+" isn't allowed, it would be really nice if it were and perhaps more characters could be looked at to be allowed in equipment naming too, for now there's a companion I'm going to leave a long time before I consider gilding.



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