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Fortuna and Deimos are extremely risky to play on console because you won't fix the hard crashes that plague those open worlds.


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Nearly every person I know on Xbox has the same experience of straight up hard crashes to the home screen on Fortuna and Deimos.  They're especially bad if you've been playing for awhile and then jump into one of those open worlds.  It's nearly a guarantee for many of us to crash before we finish a bounty at that point.  

This is going in feedback and not bugs because you're ignoring the bugs plaguing your game.  The bugs have been reported, they do not need to be reported again.  This feedback is on your lack of response to your game being unplayable in certain areas.  This is feedback on the fact that I can't risk the long runs you expect of players to go through the tedious process of doing a vault to do a vault to do a vault, instead of letting us pick which vault we're running.  Just a single one would be risky enough in a squad with these crashes.  You expect me to run for over an hour with all these vaults with the game in this state?

There is nothing wrong with my Xbox.  I can play other games on it for hours without these crashes.  Big, intensive games, like TW3 or the DOOM games.  I can play Warframe without going to the open worlds for hours with zero crashes.  

Yet the second I set foot on The Vallis (especially the Vallis) or the Drift, I know my time is limited.  I went to hack a coil drive.  Crash.  I jumped in my archwing.  Crash.  I  just summoned my mech and transferenced into it and yup, crash.  It didn't use to be like this.  When Fortuna dropped I spent so much time there grinding the first month that I forgot that the rest of the game wasn't covered in snow.  No crashes.  Some time I think around the Old Blood or maybe Empyrean, people started reporting crashes on Fortuna and you haven't even acknowledged that there's an issue, much less done anything about it. 

The Drift has been doing it (albeit less often than the Vallis) since release day.  I pretty much refuse to go run Arcana bounties because I know, I KNOW, that as soon as I get a piece I'm looking for it's gong to hard crash.  It's happened to me several times.  This is your new content.  Your current "big draw" to the game.  Several people are going to get to it and then hit crashes and rightly think that this is unprofessional and you're going to lose more players.  You need to address this.  It's not okay to leave the game in a state like this.

If you're about to come in this thread with your "doesn't happen to me." just move on.  It's great that it doesn't happen to you.  I'm not the only one complaining about this by a long shot.  I'm not the only one in the bug forums posting about this.  This is affecting many people.

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1 hour ago, (XBOX)TyeGoo said:


I have fantastic internet with flawless streaming.  I get crashes on the open worlds 10 times as often as host than as client.  But I also still occasionally crash when even solo.  We're in a similar boat on this one, and it has a lot of holes in it.  

I don't expect a lot from DE.  I really don't.  My history of complaints shows how little faith I have in them.  But the fact that they haven't fixed this or even said anything about it is somehow still lower than the bar I set for them.  They had to get out a friggin shovel to get this far down.  I, and a lot of the people that I play with are refusing to hit the Arcana vaults because we already know exactly what will happen when we do. 

I tried to help an alliance member get some debt bonds last night.  It crashed him out, I was host, I stayed because we had two pubs and I didn't want to host migrate them so I tried to stay to finish the bounty.  One bounty.  Three stages in to one bounty.  I summoned my Mech, transferred into it, and before the transfer could complete, here comes the distinct BRRRRRRRRRRRR sound of Warframe sending me to homescreen.

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