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Railjack resources and intrinsic values not up to date.


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When taking a Railjack mission with another person (i.e you are not the host) your own resource counter and intrinsics level will not be up to date until you return to your own dry dock. This can give the impression that you aren't earning any progress or resources between missions - even though they appear in the mission complete screen the game won't display your accumulated total until you leave the group.

It becomes confusing when you are able to see your own Railjack in another player's dry dock, and can use their configuration console to look at your own Railjack, but not see anything you've earned during your time out with that person. Further still, if the host disbands the group in their dojo, the interior of the Railjack will switch appearance to match your own, but you're still in their dry dock and dojo. It's only if their dojo is completely empty of clan members that you will be kicked out.

A simple solution might be; when a player outside of that clan uses the configuration console, to inform players to use the one in their own dry dock if they want to make changes to their Railjack and see changes to their inventory, maybe even with a prompt like "You must be at your own Dry Dock to alter your Railjack. Click here to abandon this group and go to your Dry Dock now. OK/Cancel"

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