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Why let us scrap equipped railjack components?


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I noticed I had 8/8 items on the scrap components & armaments and thought i needed a couple spaces, but when I scrapped a few and went back to check my equipped ones, I had the inicial crappy ones instead of the MKIII I had before and realised I had scraped my hard earned vidar shield array MKIII and my vidar engines MKIII simply cause the UI don't tell me if they are equipped or not on the scrap section. (Btw why does it have that useless 'preview' button?) That's very frustrating since now I cannot go and do veil proxima on my own raijack anymore and need to wait for clan mates to do them and drag me along so I can try to get them back. It can't be that hard to make a script to prevent scraping equipped gear or at least tell me which ones are equipped so I don't go doing this kind of horrid mistake. Thanks for the awesome game and keep up the good work!

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