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Some QOL requests regarding the real world time


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1. Turn on the chat timestamp by default.

For expericnced players, they can turn it on/off anytime so it won't matter.

But for newbies, they usually can't really read the chat realtime.

Which raises many problems or awkward situations like someone tried to offer some help but they read it hours later but have no clue about time gap.

How about turning it of by default?


2. Display real time clock somewhere.

Most people have things to tend by time.

To play warframe or for real-life matters, we have to check real world time frequently.

For me, I can't go full-screen cause I have to watch the clock on the Windows task bar.

What if there's a real time clock on upper right coner?

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On 2020-12-14 at 7:25 AM, BahamutKaiser said:

These responses are why I don't take humans seriously. 

Right? Most of these responses make no sense. Knowing what time it is right now with a clock is not even close to the same thing as a timestamp to know when each message was sent. 


And adding a clock overlay somewhere as an option would be a simple thing to do. 

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